Claes Janssen has now been working with Bengt Lindstrom of Ander & Lindstrom Partners to develop and customize a number of practical and user-friendly diagnostic tools to build self-awareness and promote authentic dialog in schools, in communities and in business since 1993. The Four Rooms of Change® and its associated tools have proven to be useful in all parts of the world regardless of culture, religion, politics and gender, etc. In Claes Janssen's home country, Sweden the theory was initially spread through his books and by word of mouth. Later - and with the support of Ander & Lindstrom Partners - the tools have been spread by committed consultants, managers, teachers and other professionals who have gone through a rigorous certification program. There are individuals, groups and organizations using the tools in Europe, the United States and in the Asia Pacific region.

While some users of the Four Rooms of Change would prefer not to speak openly about their use of the tools as they may be associated with some specific and sensitive change scenarios other more regular users are so passionate about the theory, the tools and their effectiveness that they are prepared to share their experiences with you through the case studies on this website. You can find some case studies here which relate to the use of the Four Rooms of Change and its associated tools in schools, in communities and in business by clicking on the appropriate link.

We are constantly seeking to expand and update the collection of case studies here. So please, if you are a user of the Four Rooms of Change in your school, in your community or in your business and have a story to tell, contact us and we will be delighted to share your case study with the world.