Certification is designed for anyone who wants to have access to effective tools that help them better understand and work with individual and collective defenses. Anyone who wants to support actions that increase efficiency, job satisfaction and inspiration or has an interest in change management should attend:

» Managers 

» OD Consultants

» Change Agents

» Trainers 

» Facilitators

» Diversity & Inclusion Practitioners

» Human Resource Professionals

» Lean Management Consultants

We will be conducting the next Australian certification program for the Four Rooms of Change and several of its associated tools in Melbourne in 2019. The program will be modular and kicking off on 12-13 September 2019 with two further modules in 2020. We generally do not announce the dates of Parts II and III in advance but agree on them with you as a group during Part I.

Your investment will be AUD$5300 + GST for the 2+2+2 days program and this includes ongoing mentoring and support for the duration of the program. In addition, you will need to budget for the purchase of tools as using the tools between each of the modules is a central aspect of the certification process.

Certification means you are enabled to use the 'consensus-building' approach to introducing the Four Rooms of Change, the 'Personal Dialectics with the Outsider Scale' which is a tool for personal development for small groups and individual coaching and the 'Organizational Barometer' for large groups / organizations. You can find overviews of these tools under Tools That Work.

In order to stay certified after the program, you will need to remain a member of the Four Rooms of Change 'User Forum'. This involves an annual fee (currently around AUD$600 per year) and ensures you have access to an exchange of experience and learning with other certified users in the global community plus any new tools and materials that are developed. It includes at least one User Forum Conference per year, which is then offered at an 'at cost' rate. In addition, as a member of the User Forum we include your profile on this website so that when people hear about the Four Rooms of Change and come to this website, they can contact you directly.

On a final note if you are looking to implement Four Rooms of Change in Schools in your school, please contact us directly for further details on how best to go about this. We typically recommend a 'whole school approach' to implementation; working with the school leadership team, teaching staff, students and parents. We would normally recommend that one key member of your leadership team become a certified user of the Four Rooms of Change theory and the associated tools. This ensures that you can sustain the program over time and train any new members of staff.

If you would like to register for the certification program kicking off on 12-13 September 2019 in Melbourne, please complete the form below. Once we have received your registration, we will send a formal confirmation of your participation and then an invoice for program fees closer to the date.

Alternatively, you can register for an introductory workshop entitled ‘Get to Know the Four Rooms of Change’ which will take place in Sydney and Melbourne in early 2020. The goal of this workshop is to introduce you to the theory of the Four Rooms of Change and it’s associated tools and help you to make a decision to proceed to certification yourself or work with one of our Certified Users.

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