A&L Partners AB is the consulting firm that has been working with Claes Janssen to bring the Four Rooms of Change to the world. We have offices in Europe and North America and partner with Clarion Learning in the Asia Pacific Region.

Our clients are found in all sectors of society, in all kinds of businesses and industries, in large and small social systems and in almost every corner of the world - from South Africa in the South to Canada in the North and from Los Angeles and San Francisco in the west to Nepal, Georgia, Israel and India in the East.

Most of our work is in Scandinavia and North America including Canada. Other than companies and organizations, we also have individual consultants and leaders as customers. More that 300 external and internal consultants and leaders have been certified since we started in 1997 and about 200 of them are presently active around the world.

At A&L Partners AB we support management and employees to build constructive working relations internally and externally. We help them keep anxiety at a creative level and provide the support they need to ensure sufficient stability to deal effectively with their customers increasingly complex issues.

A&L Partners AB itself is an enterprise built to be stable enough to support flexible solutions. We know that consultation is local and very personal, sometimes almost private. Yet it exists in a increasingly global working and business environment. One of the strengths of our consultants is their ability to work across boundaries and bridge gaps between geographies, cultures, religions, genders, ages, professions and levels of authority.