The Four Rooms of Change® has spread to most sectors of society and most corners of the world. Significant and astonishing results are reported everywhere and among the most thrilling results have been reported from the school system. Vasaskolan Primary School in Strangnas, Sweden is the school where teacher Ulla Janssen integrated the Four Rooms of Change into the classroom and shared her approach with her colleagues to significantly change the learning environment in the school.

When asked what inspired her to start working with the Four Rooms of Change back in 2000, Ulla shares a quote from Karen McCown, founder of the Nueva School in Hillsborough, California and the not-for-profit organisation Six Seconds, that goes like this: 'Learning doesn't happen separate from the children's emotions. To be emotionally qualified is just as important for the process of learning as education in mathematics and reading.' This quote is taken from in Daniel Goleman's book, Emotional Intelligence and nicely captures the power of the approach. Rather than attempt to change destructive behaviours working with the Four Rooms of Change can help children and young adults to develop emotional self-awareness, self-regulation and empathy for others; ultimately leading to healthy attitudes to conflict, constructive behaviours and a positive climate in your school.

Studies have shown significant results in the classes where teachers and students use the Four Rooms of Change. Bullying has disappeared and the tendency to bully has almost disappeared. In addition, teachers report that the classroom climate has improved with pupils more concentrated and focused on their schoolwork and ultimately achieving better learning results. In the words of one teacher who has been using the tools for a number of years 'My work with the Children's Four Rooms of Change does not steal time as I thought it would - it creates time.'

You can download the report entitled Pyschology in the Classroom on the original and ground-breaking work conducted in Strangnas from the resources section of the website.

Training for teaching staff who wish to work with the Four Rooms of Change® in their school is available from a certified facilitator who has gone through a rigorous training program and understands the classroom environment. Please contact us for more information.