Claes Janssen has now been working with Bengt Lindstrom of A&L Partners AB to develop and customize a number of practical and user-friendly diagnostic tools to build self-awareness and promote authentic dialog in schools, in communities and in business since 1993. Since 1998 Drusilla Copeland of A&L Partners has been working with Claes Janssen and Bengt Lindstrom also in the continued development of the suite of tools for worldwide use.

The Four Rooms of Change® and its associated tools have proven to be useful in all parts of the world regardless of culture, religion, politics and gender, etc. The Four Rooms of Change is a universal and very powerful and practical psychological model that can be understood and become meaningful to every human being including children of as young as six years of age. And best of all - you don't need to be a psychologist to work with it. Put simply, they are tools that work!

The tools can be used on every level within any organization. They can be used individually, with project groups and work teams, in management teams or throughout the entire organization. By using them it is possible to identify serious issues and to find ways of handling them. The tools make it possible to measure the climate for change and create a common language for addressing change within the organization. The tools can be used to support organizational development strategies as well as working with team development, crisis management or as a climate survey in the organization.

In Claes Janssen's home country, Sweden the theory was initially spread through his books and by word of mouth. Later - and with the support of A&L Partners - the tools have been spread by committed consultants, managers, teachers and other professionals who have gone through a rigorous certification program and are committed to applying the tools in an ethical way. Certification programs have also been delivered in the United States and elsewhere Europe since 1999. The first program in the Asia Pacific region took place in Australia in 2010.

A&L Partners have recently taken the decision to translate the basic tools into the ten most widely used languages in the world. So far translation work has begun in Chinese (traditional and simplified), Arabic and Russian. Other languages will follow in time or based on a client's needs. For more information on the specific tools available take a look at some of the tools that we recommend for supporting change in schools, in communities and in business.